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Good morning,
I'm very new here. I've owned modern BMW's (currently a RNineT) over the past few years but am looking at my first Airhead. There is a gentleman in Atlanta who has a, what appears to be, slightly bastardized R90 that looks pretty darn good. Does anyone believe his asking price is fair? $7k seems a bit steep.


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Looks like a nice bike, price

Looks like a nice bike, price is not bad. There again its what a person is willing to pay. Could you build a bike like that for the same price? If you had to source all the parts and build? Receipts?



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If you like it, it's worth

If you like it, it's worth what you'll pay for it. It's "significantly bastardized". The conversion to the /5 headlight shell indicates that it's probably had significant electrical rearrangement done. The owner is apparently very proud of his "no expense spared restoration", and has priced it accordingly; a nice, straight, reasonable-mileage '75 R90/6 can be had for $4500 or so if you look around. Ordinarily, an airhead motor with only 24K miles wouldn't need to be "completely rebuilt", if that's what has, in fact, been done to it. But it's humid in Georgia in the summertime, and if the oil isn't pumped around in it occasionally, after 25 years of dis-use, it could've had significant interior corrosion in both the engine and transmission. I'd want to know more about who did the "rebuild", what was found, and what was done before I'd assume that it's OK. The JC Whitney saddlebags don't hold a candle in capacity, actual travel convenience, or aesthetics to a correct new set of repro Krausers. He says that the "front shocks" (weird term for the fork) have been rebuilt, but says nothing about the rears, which look like the OE Boge shocks. Those, being 40+ years old,are probably ready for retirement; budget $400 for a new set of Ikons there. The grafted-on "classic" passenger seat was fine for a /2; it looks like it would significantly raise the CG with a passenger on-board. Neither accessory seat adds any value to the deal. The upsides: You get the OE seat (minus a couple of chrome trim strips), and it may only take another $1K or so to find a decent used instrument cluster, headlight shell, signal stalks (front and rear), and labor to put it's wiring back to near-original. Hope that his tank repaint was done with tape stripes so that those can be easily redone, and dig around in his stash for the OE front fender. He just needs a nice down payment to get that Victory Vision dream bike while the off season prices are low. Smile

Also, check the IBMWR site for other offerings; there are nicer bikes available for less in the SE U.S. right now (and I'm not affiliated with any of those sellers). Unless a seller's proximity is really critical to you, be prepared to travel a bit for a nice airhead---airheads weren't that common back in their day, and that day was quite a while ago. And since you're close, you might want to venture out to Blue Moon for both some shopping tips, and to see what they have laying around.



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