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I am replacing mufflers on a 78 100/7, Should I buy the cheap replicas, stainless, or ? Your thoughts? what has happened here is a great story of sorts, I owned a 78 R100RS from 1986 -1989. Bought it with 35k miles, sold it with 65,153 miles. The bike ended up in storage after being ridden 141 miles by the next owner. He was a car and bike enthusiast accumulating dozens of cars and motorcycles. he has passed away and the family was kind to let me buy the bike back. It has sat idle for 27 yrs, and of course it needs full mechanical restoration. Otherwise a nice looking survivor with original paint. I am going to keep it that way.What is the best best buy in replacement mufflers,


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Stainless steel silencers

With the history you have with the bike, I would stretch the budget if necessary and buy stainless steel items from Keihan



I love the old single cylinder series BMW's and my R65LS.

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EMGO replicas

I put the EMGO replicas on my R100/7. They look great sound good (some say louder than stock. But not much IMHO, if at all) fit like a glove and are dirt cheap. When they get ugly, just get another set. Mine are 1 year old now and still look like new. JC Whitney normally has the best price when they have them in stock. I got mine from an ebay seller that cut me a deal based on JC Whitney pricing, which he could check. He had both in stock.

Since you said "bang for the buck" I think the EMGOs give you the most and for small bucks. Something to consider is if you drop the bike or damage the exhaust in some fashion, if you have the high price spread you will probably not replace it. But with Emgo, just get a new one.


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