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Dear members,

Does anyone have or know where I can get keys for Krauser saddle bags ( Sudhaus key # S150) and the lock to secure the bag to the bike (key# S324).

They are mounted on my 1977 R100/7

Thank You,



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Some suggestions

Some suggestions here:


If I remember correction, Krauser is still in existence. Could google them and send them an email.

From another forum, this was offered:

- Bob's BMW
- re-psycle.com
- some place that sells Hepco & Becker bags?
- http://www.michael-krauser.de/englis...ffer01_e.html#
- twistedthrottle.com


Kurt in S.A.
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Jim D 5112
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I have both of the keys you are looking for. You may PM with contact information if interested.
Jim D.

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