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Hey guys, so I've been having some charging issues that I'm about to dig into and suss out. About a month ago, I was riding at night and noticed the GEN lamp was on, incredibly dim, but on nonetheless. My battery isn't charging at all while I ride. When I turn the ignition on the GEN lamp is at 1/2 brightness, and stays that way regardless of RPMs.

According to http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/trbleshootalt.htm, this is usually indicative of a bad connection somewhere. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? My diode board is brand new, so that's not the issue. Connections? Open rotor? Bad brushes?




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Snowbum has steps to go

Snowbum has steps to go through to isolate the problem. Also, Rick Jones at Motorrad Elektrik sells a small booklet that goes through the steps to figure out what the problem is. Likely your problem is the rotor, but you should perform some tests before you decide to replace it.


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