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I have a 1966 R50/2 (original owner). The locking Hama gas cap that came with the bike no longer works. I think it is the locking mechanism that broke. I attempted to identify the problem by taking the gas cap apart. I couldn't fix it, the key doesn't work and I just gave up. Can anyone recommend someone that could fix it? Or, any for sale? Thanks. (I brought it to several highly recommended locksmiths in my area, but they couldn't fix it (or wouldn't try). Thanks.

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This is the only other thread

This is the only other thread I could find about Hama gas caps:


Frankly, not sure the need for a locking gas cap exists. 99.8% of people are not going to know how to start a /2 bike. Rather than trying to get this fixed, find a simple replacement gas cap.


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