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Im going to look at a 1981 R100RT this weekend. Has 20,000 miles the lady has kept it her heated garage. She wants around $4600 for it. Seems like a fair price, nice bike from pictures. The last Air Head I had was 19 yrs ago, 84 R100RT. Except my R69S I have, no comparison.
Anything I should pay particular attention too besides the price.



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This is first year for the

This is first year for the electronic ignition. Also, this is the first year of the poor seat metallurgy in the heads...at 20K miles doubt there would be any issues to worry about. But the 1000cc and especially the RT will create more heat which leads to a condition called valve face plastic deformation...it results in the valve clearances tightened over time. Likely it won't show up until upwards of 60K miles or more. The cure is to have the heads redone with unleaded valve seats.

Other than that, nothing really to focus in on. See what kind of maintenance records are available.


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