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So, I have quite the collection of various and sundry greases. Ranging from the normal, to marine wheel bearing, guard dog 525 and even a small stash of Staburags. That's just for machines. I've also a collection of gun greases for M1 Garands, carbines etc. Made specifically for metal sliding on metal, no bearings involved.

I'm finally getting to the parts that only get cleaned and greased very infrequently, like the brake actuating cams, the rotation point on the shoes (very lightly) and the round ends of the cables. Metal to metal, so it has to stick. I'm thinking of using some of the gun grease on the brake cam shafts, it's made for extremes. Hot, cold, wet. Anyone have any wisdom to share? I swear I'm the first person in the life of this bike (72 /5) to have greased those front brake cams...jeez, that stuff was fossilized in there.


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I use graphite (lock-ease) or

I use graphite (lock-ease) or tori-flow dry lub. Grease attracts dust and things then get sticky.


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