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Greetings all.

I recently bought a '71 R75/5 that hasn't been ridden for around 10 years. I've torn the bike down to basic components and now need to decide how deep I want to get involved with the engine. One cylinder head has been quite damaged on the underside and obviously, at some point (probably about 10 years ago), the bike was laid down hard and skid.

I found a replacement cylinder head on eBay and am in the process of cleaning it up. it came with valves and springs and these need to be installed. Since I have the cylinder heads off and the piston approachable, what maintenance or replacements should I think about - gasket?, rings?, valves? etc.

Any advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


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Why not inspect the

Why not inspect the bores/pistons, home and re ring with new base gaskets. Pretty cheap to do now IMHO.


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