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Hey guys

New here, just love the old airheads and have finally found one that looks to be in good shape, and want to get some advice about them.
I want to use it for more or less daily riding around the city. Also looking at more recent sportbikes, but the R65 would pretty much be my dream bike.
Anyways, seller is asking 3k for a 1981 R65 with 30,000 miles. From the pictures, it seems to be in great shape, in a good color.
What do you think? Anything I should be on the look out for?


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An R65 is a great bike for

An R65 is a great bike for day trips, but if you're running around town idling and stopping and starting a lot, you'll want to keep it on a battery tender.

Try to find out the service history. BMW twins run a long time and are reliable - when they get their routine service.

I would arrange a test ride and make sure it runs up and down the gears ok, the brakes work, that the engine is smooth and quiet (there is a vibration "mode" at about 4800 rpm, which is 65mph in 4th) and that it pulls well (for a bike with 50hp).

It should come with its toolkit, which is sufficient to work on most things on the bike.

Test all the lights, turn signals and the horn. Check the kill switch and the high beam switch. Make sure the high beam flasher returns to center.

Make sure that the red generator light comes on when the key is turned, and goes out above about 1500rpm. If possible, bring it into a dark location and make sure that the generator light *really* goes out above idle and isn't glowing faintly.

Make sure that the neutral light comes on when the trans is in neutral, and that the bike starts without pulling the clutch when the light is on. Then check to see if the bike starts in 1st gear with the clutch pulled. This verifies the neutral switch in the trans and the clutch switch at the handlebar.

Good luck!


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