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I'm in the market for new tires for my '74 r90/6. Just curious as to what everyone else rides, and if anyone has an opinion on what the best tires for an r90 would be.

I really dig the look of the Firestone Champion's, but I've heard they handle like shit. Also looking at the Metzeler Lasertec & ME 77 as seen on MaxBMW.




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I'm running inch-sized

I'm running inch-sized Michelin Pilot Activs front and rear on my /7. I understand they're tough to install...but I had my dealer mount them. Good tire as far as I'm concerned.


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It depends on what you do

It depends on what you do with your bike, Chandler. If you want to ride it at speed, on a variety of paved surfaces, under a fairly wide range of weather conditions, and you'd like the tires to run close to 10K miles between replacements, then Kurt's "Pilot Activs" suggestion is excellent.

The Metzeler Lasertec front was once the gold standard for airheads, particularly in bad weather, with a tread pattern that evacuates water on rainy pavement like few others. The issue with it in the past 5-10 years, or so, for me, has been its recent tendency to develop weather-checked (cracked) sidewalls in fairly short order (2 yrs after mounting). This issue seemed to arise when Metzeler moved Lasertec manufacturing to Brazil some time ago. The ME-77 is Metzeler's lower-tier offering, suitable for low-mileage, low-power, "vintage" applications that they still fit (read: /2s). Folks do use them on the /5 through /7 bikes, and they're still made in the correct inch-sized dimensions, but if you get 5K out of an ME-77 rear before it squares up and the tread is gone, that's probably typical.

On the other hand, if you just prefer the aesthetics of cool and retro, then the Firestones may make better pictures.



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