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Newcomer here, or at least, my first post since 2006.
I have always loved the Dover White /2's .
I have an extra R69S frame, a few other miscellaneous parts, and a spare R100 engine and want to design a rig to pull a sidecar, intending to keep the vintage look with an appropriate style hack.
First issue for me is did the Dover White R69S have a white or a black frame?
Second, For painting the frame and fork only... I'd like a few opinions on powder coating, versus Imron , versus BMW paint? My local friends/riders can't seem to agree or have any valid experience. Painting the sheet metal and tank may be an entirely different matter (opinions welcome on this as well).

Hope everybody has a great 4th of July Holiday...and grateful that these are our worst problems.
Richard in SC


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check out jeff dean


If you go to Jeff Dean's web site you will see an R69s painted as per original paint scheme.

As far as I remember it wasn't until the release of the /5 models that all bikes, irrespective of colour on tank and guards, had black frames.

I am also rebuilding my R69s which will be in Dover White (well a nice creamy white).



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