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Anybody know where I can buy a headlight cover for 1983 r100rt? Fell out on a bumpy road. This isn't the round glass lens that I'm talking about. It's almost square shaped and fits in the fairing ahead of the headlight pod. Looked in the ditches near the spot where a heard a clank but couldn't find it. I figure it must have gone deep into the bush.

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You could try Mikey at

You could try Mikey at Airhead Salvage.



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Wow---I'd think it'd take

Wow---I'd think it'd take some serious shaking to get an RT headlight cover to pop out of the rubber "headlight tunnel". If the tunnel's rubber lip has deteriorated, you may need to replace that, as well. Both pieces show up fairly often in the parts listings on the IBMWR site, as well as E-bay. I'm pretty sure the OE headlight cover is tempered glass---it's not any variety of plastic.



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RS/RT Glass

I may have one for you.
Check your messages.


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Part on ebay

Hi jim in the north.There is one listed on ebay at the moment.If you haven't found one as yet,

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