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Time has come for me to start thinning out my BMW collection.
I have been offered 26600 USD for my 1928 BMW. , in South Africa.
I know it is difficult to figure out a fair selling price as these don't come on the market every day but I would appreciate your comments.
Frame 25469 and engine 49610 . BMW do not have a record of this as the delivery book " is missing ".
I bought the bike in 1988 from Frank Cox owner of Mark House Motors London. He had it for quite some time as a window display. He bought it from a guy who brought it out from Germany around 1935.
Carb is not original but it runs very well on this carb . I have a period replica. Other non original parts , handlebar , advance and accelerator levers , horn button/ dip switch and speedo. The damper is quite a rare but was sold as an accessory from about 1934.
I have ridden many km on this bike and it will break my heart to sell it but there is a time in life for everything .
South Africa

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From one owner to another...

It's great to see another R52 out there, being ridden! I hope that it won't go to a museum and become a static piece. These bikes are a joy to ride (on calm back roads) and an insight into the technology and traffic of the Roaring 20s. I routinely get people to sit on mine when I bring it to shows, and then describe how to shift and brake. You can see the wonder in their eyes about it.


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