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Hello, while searching for original tank emblems for a '75 R75/6 I notice listings for an "enameled" one for $45 and also one for $14. What is the difference between the two and which would be correct for a bike made in 10-74? Thankyou Smile

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Welcome! Badges for the tank

Welcome! Badges for the tank are listed here:


It appears that cheaper one is plastic. In Ian Falloon's book on the Boxer Twins, he mentions that the '74 models came with plastic glued on badges. In the section on the '74 R90S he indicates that the badges were initially enameled but soon changed to plastic.

My guess is that the '75s came with plastic badges but the enameled badges were offered as an enhancement.


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The "cloisonne"/enamel badges

The "cloisonne"/enamel badges have been an aftermarket item for quite awhile---San Jose BMW (and perhaps others) still offers the cloisonne/enamel items in standard roundel and Motorsport varieties. My 1975 R90S and 90/6 bikes, bought in '82 and '84, had the relatively inexpensive stick-on roundels as the factory items.



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