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...a 1977 BMW 100s with 47000 miles? Paint is good, nothing looks bent, no obvious leaks, everything is in working order. The only flaw I can see is a tiny bit of rust on the handlebar hardware under the fairing. If I take it on a test ride what should I look for? I have no experience with anything this new. Lots of experience with 1963 R60 with a sidecar, old BSA singles, and a range of little Honda bikes.


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1977 was the last year before

1977 was the last year before major changes in timing to meet EPA standards. Should be maximum performance. The R100S was BMW's attempt to keep the R90S concept rolling. This will have gobs of power based upon what you have been riding.

Has it been sitting much? What has the latest round of maintenance? Can you trust the 47K? If the footpeg rubbers have a bit of wear, then probably correct...but if they're chewed up big time, then maybe it 147K. Eventually (at 47K) the bike will need a top end overhaul, but hopefully that is 40-50K miles away.

I'd look for leaks at the pushrod tube seals. Likely the carbs would need work...you should be able to feel that with lags in acceleration as you roll on throttle.

I'd say $3K would be real good price...maybe even worth $4K. Check out prices on this list:


There's even a '77 R100S (not yours) for $4500. NADA prices here:



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