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Hey everyone! Greetings from NW Florida. I am the proud new owner of an unrestored R75/5 with 20k original miles. A gift from my father. First, let me apologize for any courtesy or customs violations that I may commit in my first post.

I'm having an issue with the bike and did a search through the forum to try to find an answer but wasn't able to uncover what I was looking for (though I probably just didn't search deep enough). So here's what happened: I hopped on the bike after a coffee, turned the key, the headlight and running light came on, but nothing else worked. No starter, no brake light, no blinker. I figure it's probably a relay, but I'd appreciate any guidance on where to look and how I could troubleshoot the issue. Thanks a million ahead of time!

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While turning the "key"

While turning the "key" (spike) turns on the lights, it's only while it is fully depressed that the ignition and other accessories are activated. If the key was fully depressed, then that indicates that the little circuit board inside the headlight bucket has a problem. There's an arm mounted to the board, and the key presses it down to provide power to the ignition and accessories. Maybe the arm is bowed/bent or the contacts are dirty.

Also, it is possible that the key isn't being held fully depressed. Fixing that requires removing the circuit board and probably replacing the spring steel clips or cleaning the holes that hold the two ball bearings. Check elsewhere in the forum for how to do this and what to beware of.


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I lost all of those

I lost all of those components on my 72' R60/5 once, have you checked the main fuse in the headlight bucket? When my main fuse went I did not have any operating tail light, turn signals, or starter.


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Kill Switch Engaged?

Kill Switch Engaged?


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I didn't think /5s (at the

I didn't think /5s (at the least ones) had kill switches or fuses.


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