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I am a building engineer and part of what I do is go to the other smaller properties and keep the main heating and cooling plants operational,
One place they own is a small block of commercial stores,
After we resolved the 3 phase electrical issues I was walking the perimeter of the marking lot enjoying the warm sun in the late days of march here in Philadelphia pa.
Well in the rear of the lot where it borders some row homes I noticed a bike covered with a tired tarp, I also noticed that the house it was behind was missing some of the rear walls, Simply rotted away,
Anyway its only 6 feet off the lot and I went to look at the cycle and noticed it was a beemer! !
Its an early 70s R60/5 with the stainless side panels but no toaster tank,
I think I will go back with my pick up and a helper and roll it the 10' to get in the back of my truck,
Issue is,
I really hate to see it rot away,
Noone will do a damn thing with it,
I just rebuilt the engine on my 1972 R60/5 last fall and would love a parts bike,
Would you get it?
Or leave it rot?

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The only thing for certain

The only thing for certain here is that it doesn't really belong to you. Get the VIN, find a friendly cop, and see if he/she could run a VIN check to see whether it's reported as stolen. If it is, be a hero and direct the cops to it.



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Difficult to tell from the

Difficult to tell from the photo. But it appears there's a license plate mounted and an inspection sticker on the fork? And who owns the property where it sits? If it's abandoned property you may be able to get title. Then you could have another motorcycle ... not a parts bike.


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I think I would

Sometimes the license plate is so long expired that the DMV does not have information.... I would find the owner of the property...that is public records... and talk to them... If someone wanted...they could call taking it...Grand Theft...and that could lead to not good times... I think the owner of the property could verify that the original owner is long gone and if he sold or gave it to you that would keep you out of jail... Ya gotta show that you tried all methods and the owner is gone....possibly even have the apartment owner place a mechanics lien on it...(for a fee).. Just taking it is stealing...



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I had some time the other day

I had some time the other day and went to pick up the old bike,
The license plate of from the 80s and after 7 years with no registration, The tag is out of the system.
Its pretty rusty, The kick start lever snapped at the shaft doe to corrosion,
Looks like its been sitting since the 1990 registration or even longer, The seat pan is basically gone, But overall its a pretty complete bike and I would say that after sitting outside since 1990 its in pretty good shape,
Ill pull the plugs and look inside and shed whats there,
The headlight bucket looks pretty nice actually as well do the side covers !
I have a 72' R60/5 which happens to need side covers,
The back of the abandoned house has fallen off and I will doubt the owner if he's still around would want to talk to me, Aside there are L&I notices on front of house, Looks like its in the system so It should be torn down sometime in the next 10 years, Philadelphia Pa takes a while to get around to such things in the ghetto's,
Im glad I went and got it,
EZ to get,
Rolled very easy once off the main stand, And look at how the stub wall in parking lot leveled up with the tailgate of my pick up !! No ramps needed which was a real bonus !
So thats is,
a 1972 R60/5 came home and got put INSIDE for the first time in 30 years !
Peter B

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