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Up for sale is my 1965 BMW R27 in excellent condition.

I currently own 3 of these vintage 250cc BMW's and have a growing car collection. So, it's time to start selling off some of my cool bikes. Purchased through eBay 5 months ago and have only put about 30 miles on it! I ended the auction early and made deal outside of eBay. It's mostly just been covered and sitting in my garage. Haven't had time to enjoy it!

It had a total restoration a few years back. Motor and transmission gone through by Bench Mark Works; wheels, brakes, and tires have been cleaned, serviced or replaced. Palo Alto Speedo reconditioned the speedometer. New cables, battery, wiring harness, voltage regulator and all hardware is stainless steel. Paintwork is absolutely beautiful, pin stripping is perfect, and frame paint is flawless. All aluminum bits have been either polished as new or replaced. I also have the stock headlight lens and ring in perfect condition. The bike has both a center and side stand.
The bike starts first kick, runs and shifts through gears as it should. The only issue I've noticed is a slight hesitation and think it's due to a tiny clog in the gas flow. Should be a really simple fix. I can refer you to my motorcycle mechanic in the South Bay. He only works on vintage BMW bikes and I'm positive he'll fix the very small issue if you don't know how to work on these bikes.

It has a clear title and current Ca. registration. Just got the new plate from the DMV and haven't put it on yet "1965 R27". I grabbed the pics from the eBay listing (sorry for the low quality, will post better ones in the next 24 hours), but the bike remains unchanged and looks flawless.

Please contact me with questions or if you would like to see the bike in person.

Thanks for looking!


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