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Hi all, looking for a good source on antique BMWs to read up on. I want to get an old pressed steel BMW at some point.

Small intro since this is basically my first post.
Started riding in 03 when I got a friends 1989 K100RS, put about 30k miles on in the first 10 months before going to AF Basic Training, motor went south towards the end of a 4000 mile ride, no compression in cyl #3, rode it like that and parked it at a friends with 195k miles on it.. Few month after that I bought a 76 R90/6, what a fun bike! I only had it for about 9 months before I had to sell it because of military move fiasco, have missed it ever since. About 6 months after I bought the R90 I bought a 99 R1100S for doing long haul riding, planned to keep it and the R90 but couldn't handle the logistics in time. Picked up a motor for the K100RS from Bobs BMW and gave it and the bike to my dad to fix and enjoy, he swapped motor and rode it a few times before his old shoulder injury flared up again. Bike is still in storage waiting for a restoration or cafe style mod.

Got married and just rode the R1100S for years, bought an M5 for my daily driver. Few years back my wife decided to get her motorcycle license. Bought her an 07 G650X Country. I rode it a few times before lowering it for the wife, had a blast riding in dirt and decided to hunt for a G650X Challenge. Ended up with an 09 G450X. Shortly after that a friend was killed on his R100RS and I purchased his 03 R1100S Boxer Cup Replika from his widow. At some point a Yamaha TTR125 made it in the mix for my wife as well, not sure how or when though.. Also bought an 11 335i sedan for wife. Now have 6 month old twins, and recently moved from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX.

Obviously a BMW man! Since the beginning of my motorcycle journey I have loved the old pressed steel framed bikes. I am hopeful in the next few years to get one and now is the time to start researching them.

Thanks all
P.S. The 99 R1100S and 07 G650X are for sale..