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I bought this R1953 R25/3 about 2-1/2 years ago. It had been sitting for over 20 years, but was complete with a rebuilt engine/transmission. The paint was bad primer and the tires were rotten. I also got sidetracked selling my home, buying and rebuilding a 1904 house, and building my 900 sq.ft. "dream garage" with a rental unit above. That took up much of the past 2-1/2 years.

Last winter I did finally get down to the R25/3, bought tires, had everything repainted, and after giving up on the 6V system installed a 12V Powerdynamo conversion. The bike is finally finished, starts on the first kick when warm, and will putter along in 3rd or 4th all day. I have managed to top 60 with it, but I think one could outrun it in 1st from a dead stop. I'd like to find a Steib LS200 for it. It makes a great addition to my 1971 R75/5 and 2005 R1200GS.

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Congratulations! Bike looks

Congratulations! Bike looks incredible! That is actually a lot to get accomplished in 2.5 years,so good for you,drink a few tall,cold ones,you deserve it.
It may be slow,but what a looker!


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