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Hi, i have just joined your owners club as i own two air cooled bmw,s but am very interested in a 1928 r63.
I would be interested to know if this motorcycle left the factory with the frame an engine numbers it has now-
Frame number 30252 engine number 75252, it does seem to fall inside the the numbers given on your site but when i have checked on line i have seen r63 with engine numbers higher and frame number lower then this one.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Shaun.

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Shaun - Welcome to the forum!

Shaun -

Welcome to the forum! I don't think anyone here can tell if you those items left the factory together. You'll need to contact BMW Archives. Check this thread out for information:



Kurt in S.A.
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The numbers should not only

The numbers should not only be in the correct range but also not forged as many prewar machines unfortunately are. As this machine is (presumably) high value it would be worth checking this as well.

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When you contact the Archive, you will find that the R63 serial number log book has been lost many years ago - if the numbers are of the correct series, they have no way to say if they left the factory together.

There are one or two other models with this issue.


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R63 numbers

Hi thank you for the replies
I did try contacting BMW classic Who told me that all the numbers and paperwork had been lost for these early motorcycles. I just wondered whether there was any chronological order to the frame and engine numbers.
Thanks Shaun

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