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I heard from a local BMW dealership that this is the best place online to ask this question:

I have an old family picture of my grandmother's brother riding this motorcycle in Germany somewhere between the 1930's to the early 40's. The thing is, it's only possible to make out very few details regarding the identity of the bike. I've searched all over Google for the most complete historical records of BMW's and Urals for that time period, but nothing seems to quite match.

I think the most puzzling thing is that the exhaust is on the right side of the bike (same as the sidecar). It is possible the negative was enlarged backwards, but if so, that would mean it's a British version (which honestly makes no sense for that time period).

Additionally, the levers are standard (as opposed to the bar-end levers seen on most 1930's models), but as this bike has a single pipe coming out of the side (thus, single cylinder engine), it doesn't look like BMW made a non-boxer roadster motorcycle during the 40's.

I mean, maybe it's not even a BMW, but from my understanding from what my grandmother tells me, her brothers were always buying and fixing up BMW motorcycles. Also, the tank looks very indicative of that period for BMW roadsters (black with white pinstripe outline), though the badge on the side of the tank looks oversized for the typical BMW one.

So, this is quite confusing to say the least, but I am hoping someone here will be able to help me in identifying this mysterious piece of my family's history.

This is the only picture I can find at the moment of this bike, so I have no idea as to logos or badges on this bike or serial numbers, etc.

Thanks in advance for any and all help with this!


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Welcome! I'm sure there are

Welcome! I'm sure there are experts who will weigh in, but I'm not that certain that it is a single cylinder BMW. The exhaust is out the wrong side...all pictures of singles that I can see have it out the left side and sidecars were generally on the right side. Plus the front fork covers don't look like any of those R35 thru R25/2 (they had a small rubber boot at the bottom) or the R25/3 which had a more uniform shaped front fork. Certainly it's not the R26 or R27 with the Earles front end. The front wheel also appears to be a mag wheel of some kind...doesn't look like the common spoked wheel.


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I think it is an AWO with

I think it is an AWO with Stoye sidecar. Greetings, Hans

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Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the responses.

Hans, I think you are right! I looked it up and that's exactly what it is. Thank you so much for clarifying this and ID-ing it for me!


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