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Hey Everybody,

My Dad has been an owner of a R75/5 72' or 73' not exactly sure. I used to ride the bike a fair amount when I lived back in VT closer to home. My wife and I have since relocated to WY. In that time my Dad has not taken very good care of the bike and it has been sitting in a garage motionless for the past 6 years w/o any TLC. The great part is that to give new life back to the bike it will be leaving VT and moving to WY where it can have a much better life. What I am most curious about is; (1) what are some good/cost effective ways to get the bike shipped out from VT to WY? (2) Since it has been sitting what are the most common issues with Airheads to get back in good running condition?

What I know it needs:
New Fuel Lines old lines have dry rotted as soon as the petcocks are opened fuel leaks from lines below petcock.
Fuel Tank Flush old gas has been sitting for a long time
Oil Flush
Carbs need cleaning

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have been riding for a long time now but classic BMW's are a bit foreign to me. I would love to become much more proficient with working on them.

I have included a pic from the days when I rode it.

Thank you in advance for all/any help.


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Welcome to the forum! I

Welcome to the forum! I don't have any specifics on shipping, but check this thread for links to a variety of shipping companies:


As for bike prep, you're on the right track:

- you should get a manual such as Haynes or Clymer...maybe both as they each have their strengths and weaknesses
- oil flush...are you also considering the driveline fluids? Engine oil should be a good quality 20w50 brand and the driveline fluids should be a 80w90 GL5 gear oil
- you should put on new tires
- change the fluid in the front forks
- there is a splined connection at the front of the transmission...splines on the input shaft mate with the clutch disk...these splines should be cleaned and lubed with a tacky grease such as Honda Moly 60 (this may be discontinued but there are good lubes out there).
- there are also splines at the rear wheel drive...you'll see when you get the rear tire off...these also need to be cleaned and lubed with the same tacky grease
- shoot some traditional wheel bearing grease into the swingarm bearings
- torque the heads and set the valves...head bolts take 25 ft-lbs, stepping up to that as in 15-20-25. Valves should be 0.15mm intake and 0.20mm exhaust

You might be able to reuse the plugs and points, but be prepared to replace them.

Be sure you give the bike good mechanical going over.


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Thank you/Glad to be here

Thank You, glad to be apart of the group.

This is some great info, I appreciate all the help. Cannot wait to get started.

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