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Hi all,

I'm currently looking at purchasing a very well restored BMW R4 that looks to be a genuine bike (numbers appear to be in order) but was wondering what values are like especially on the European/UK side of the market.

There is currently only one R4 that I can find for sale at the moment and the last one I can find was sold in 2010 for £6500 at auction.

The one I'm looking at is £13000 which I'm not sure is too much or not.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Prewar singles seem to be

Prewar singles seem to be very rare indeed, other than the R35. The prices for BMWs seem to have really shot up from 2010 on, however, after the 11/2009 Bonham's auction at the BMW Museum, which seemed to get record prices.


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I doubt you will find any recent comparable transactions to guide you. You didn't mention condition.

From my perspective, the bike would need to be a reasonably unmolested, complete original or have undergone a very good, documented (receipts, pictures) restoration to support a price of 13000 GBP (~18700 USD). I old be wary of an undocumented, Eastern European restoration or one done by the elves of the Black Forest.

Good luck! I like R3 and R4!


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I can also help with proving

I can also help with proving accurate info on the bike if you send me good photos. Like everyone has said, its amazing the lengths people go too in order to alter these bikes and try and make them more valuable. Post some pics, you will get better feedback than just a email here with no photos.

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Post some photos if you can, the better the detail, the more can be identified.

I am sure others will chip in, but as a relative new comer to R12's, I've found its always difficult to value bikes such as these and know what you're really buying.

Originality is always a value factor - that is how much of the bike contains its original parts. Unfortunately a lot of bikes over the years have been modified or repaired with incorrect parts. A lot of the replacement parts are of good quality, but some aren't. As you can't strip the engine down before you buy it, it will always be difficult to confirm what condition the engine internals are in and what components have been used inside the engine and gearbox.

BMW Archive will be able to inform you further on the engine and frame data but again unscrupulous people will alter both numbers. Here is a good link on the forum re R4's http://www.vintagebmw.org/v7/node/9661.

Does the bike come with history and paper work?



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Thanks for replies guys. It's

Thanks for replies guys.

It's actually the one in the link below


The engine numbers match records and it would be supplied with documentation from BMW stating the first purchaser and dealer

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