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Does anyone know of a company that would mix a flat paint for a war bike. I have a number RAL7028, it is a beige color not the North Africa type. There are European shops that sell it, but can't ship to the US. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Viteye

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I don't know much about these

I don't know much about these BMWs and the paint they used, but Holt BMW in Athens, Ohio, is the place to go for BMW paint on the later models. Maybe he would be someone to check with.



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Be careful about ordering up

Be careful about ordering up one of these RAL paint codes. They have changed since WWII and you may not get a color very close to what you're looking for.


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Thanks, I have a few color pictures with good color, but I don't think there is enough area to get a good computer reading. I will keep looking

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Have you seen my bikes that I

Have you seen my bikes that I paint? I can help you with your color needs. If you are paint it Grau, tan of Luftwaffe , I can help you. contact me.


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Original paint colours

My advice is find a piece of militaria and use that as your colour guide. Of course you still have to understand paint changes with age
so you need to find something sheltered from light that may have been well cared for.
Also they changed paint codes during the war.

I have a mint Luftwaffe Radio, which was boxed since being souvenired during WW2.
The early Luftwaffe Blue Grey paint is stunning and appears as fresh in its colour intensity as the day it was applied.
This is my guide.

Good luck.

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Attention RAL 7028 there were

Attention RAL 7028 there were twice

1) RAL 7028-A new number 1011+8017 or 6003 army motive (Classic RAL) instruction 1943 HM-181
2) RAL 7028-B new number 1019 alone instruction 1944 HM-Okt

all make the same error


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