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Breaking down a 65 R60/2.

Thought I had a socket that would remove/tighten the steering head nut (36mm, used it on a 73 75/5), but it seems small?

The original tool kit did not come with the thin flat combination end wrench, which on some sites seems to be mark as 36mm, so I'm not sure why my socket won't cover it?

Starting to search for what the proper size would be, so I thought I'd asked you guys first? And/or if you know where to purchase an a socket that work (other then Sears, or places like that.)

It is just a simple socket, right? Not special tool?

Thanks All!!!


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Steering nut

If I'm remembering right, the adjusting nut on top of the bearing cap of the Earls forks is 41mm. An SAE socket that should work is 1 and 5/8 inch or an inch and five eights). 41mm works out to be 1.614, an inch and five eights is 1.625 or about .010 (ten thousands) larger. It's a thin nut so you may have to grind the edge taper off the socket so it sits flat.

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