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I will be doing some work on my 1971 R60/5 this winter. Is there a list of sources for parts (NOS or used or new or repro) available? The first thing I encountered was difficulty finding fuel line replacement. My fuel lines are black with a braided covering. They are probably rubber and therefor not good with the ethanol in our gas. Local bike shops don't have anything other than blue plastic lines. They look awful.

Do I have any chance of finding something similar to what I have that is compatible with new fuel? The automotive stores have black fuel line but it is much thicker than mine and won't fit through the openings in the air box (crossover line)


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So I see you're in MASS? I

So I see you're in MASS? I would say that finding Rusty at Max BMW (forget which stored) is a great source. Other than that it sort of depends on what you're looking for. There are used parts places, such as Airhead Salvage, Bob's BMW and Repsycle in Ohio.

As for fuel line, you could try Bing in Kansas or try Vech at Benchmark Works in Mississippi. I would avoid the black fuel line from the generic stores...it's not the right size and IMO doesn't look right. You could also check with places that supplies parts for the older VW bugs. That was the same fuel line as far as I know.


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The braided fuel line is

The braided fuel line is still available---I bought several feet of the stuff from the Re-Psycle guys at Mid-Ohio 3 or 4 years ago, and I've used it with regular E10 gas without problems. It may not last as long as it once did, but I have no leaks, and no rubber crud washing into the float bowls yet. It pushes onto and pulls off of the fuel petcocks and the fuel-filler overflow stub pretty easily.



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I have an Opel Diesel in my

I have an Opel Diesel in my Model A roadster and it has metric hoses like our bikes.... I tried some of that covered line that we use on our bikes and it only lasted several months... so I ended up having to buy diesel braid from Europe and it seems to work well.... I wonder how it would work on our bikes...it sure was cheaper than buying metric hose from motorcycle shops... anyone tried this ?



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