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Hi folks,

I'm totally new to this forum (great place from what I've seen so far), and I'm also new to the vintage bike scene albeit it a long term lover and rider if modern BMs.

The reason I'm new to the vintage bike scene is mostly down to this bike I tripped over on the web and have fallen madly in love with it.

However I'm struggling to identify the base model - I think it's an R75/5 and no idea if the year? But the engine block is curved at the back and other r75s I've seen have a squarer block.

I'm desperate to identify this and then see if I can find a similar one to buy or commission.

Any and all help greatly appreciated folks.

Think I'm in for a long term love affair with vintage BMs....


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Chris -Welcome to the forum!

Chris -

Welcome to the forum! First, I have to say that is a highly customized BMW. I'm really not sure what to call original or from the same model year. Yikes!

But the curved part that you refer to is something I've seen before when you eliminate the "square" back part where the original airbox was. Since this bike has velocity stacks as input to the carbs, the airbox wasn't needed. IMO velocity stacks are not a good idea in terms of dust/dirt filtration.

The engine appears to be 1977 or later due to the different oil filter cover...it's at the lower right of the engine block as you look at the picture. Can't tell if the valve covers are /6 era or the much later peanut covers. I think the ribbed transmission came in the late 1970s as well. The carbs are the infamous flat tops which were generally around the 1978 period. The swingarm is the long wheel base variety. The late 1970s bikes would have had a front disk (or two...disk brakes started in 1974) so the drum up front is not original...it's more of a tricked out drum brake with a cooling vent inlet. The tank is probably mid 1950s and the hand controls might be earlier than that. The seat is custom and the rear fender is probably from the middle 1950s. The tires look oversize, certainly the front is but not sure about the rear. The forks are probably from the 1980s. The headlight shell looks to be early 1970s, maybe from the /2 era.

Not sure really what to call this except that it is for the "eye of the beholder". If that's what you're after, expect to pay a lot. But if you really want to get into a vintage BMW, you can find much more original bikes around that gets you started up the learning curve.


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Well, it's hard to say what

Well, it's hard to say what that was originally - if it was a single thing. The sloping cover on top is an aftermarket airbox eliminator (because this bike has velocity stacks on the carbs. The transmission is a post /7, with its external ribbing. The forks are not BMW, nor the front brake. The headlight bucket and gas tank are /2, along with the parcel rack. The "inverted" levers mimic prewar design and the worm gear throttle - which is mounted 90 degrees up - is like the ones on models from 1935-1955.


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Wow thanks to you both for

Wow thanks to you both for such a wealth of information and expertise and for taking the time to share it and help me out.

Really appreciate your help.




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Cute Bike

HI there and welcome to the club!

My goodness, that's quite a cute looking bike you have there. I like it, not really my cup of tea but I do like it. It looks to me like someone had some fun building it and I hope you continue to have fun owning and riding it.

Now you need to figure out just what you have and what it will take to keep it happy. What I mean by that is you need to discover what all the odd parts are from so you know what parts you will need to get when something breaks or how to improve while still enjoying it.

Different things I've noticed about your new ride,...... The forks look like they may be BMW but I think maybe R65, the lower legs still have the caliper mounts on the back. I don't know the maker of the front twin leading shoe, drum brake but I sure like it! The frame seems to match the motor (noted by the rear brake mount) but the muffler mounts have been cut off the back. The sub-frame looks like the right one but has been shortened. The parcel rack (like Darryl pointed out) looks like the parcel rack the /2 BMWs used. The gas tank doesn't fit quite right because it is from a BMW single, an R26 or R27. The R26 and R27 had the small or standard tank with the tool box on top instead of the side like the twins. The reason it doesn't fit quite right is the tunnel of the tank is too small to fit the later frame (that's also why the angle of the tank is so funny). The rear shocks look English or maybe just after market, fully covered. The headlight looks BMW /2, more photos would better determine that. The rear fender looks a bit odd and has no hinge, might be English. I like the rims, they look like the raised lip Akronts. It looks to me like two different builders were involved building this bike, one builder was careful and methodical while the other (likely the one that finished it) just wanted to get it done (like the poorly fitted gas tank). The handle bar controls look like they might be early BMW but more likely either Russian or Chinese like Chang Jing (sp?).

It looks to me like you have a nice ride there and in your way, I bet you make it even better!

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It's a 1960-1984 Bitza. If

It's a 1960-1984 Bitza. If you like it as art, pay whatever your wallet dictates. As a useful motor vehicle, it's worth a lot less.



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Ive seen those engine covers

Ive seen those engine covers on café racers in the Uk to replace the air filter housing when aftermarket air filters are used.

The brake looks like a Grimeca- maybe a four leading shoe.



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