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Can someone tell me if it should be a gasket between the 2 enginehalves,please?
I can not find it in the partslist, but then I order a gasketkit, it is in there.

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Do NOT use it!!! These

Do NOT use it!!!
These gaskets are found in most of the Polish made gasket sets available on Ebay and a few other sites. After I got a set I contacted Wolfgang at RRS Tuning. he confirmed that if you place a gasket between the two halves it allows the oil to seep out and back into the sump without being forced through the big ends. Wolfgang said that if you use these gaskets then you are sure to get big end failure within a few hundred miles.

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liquid sealant

Is it ok to use a liquid sealant? I took my case apart and found traces of it from the previous owner.

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I agree that using a gasket

I agree that using a gasket between the case halves is a bad idea. The halves must clamp the main bearing holders securely so that they don't move and lose alignment with the oil galleries, and putting in a gasket that was never intended to be there will loosen the grip of the case halves.

OTOH, I have used gasket sealer (several different types, Loctite Ultra Gray, Yamabond, Driebond) with good success on my R52 and R12 motors. While BMW never did this originally, the sealing surfaces on the case halves I have seen are scarred and not likely to form an oil tight seal by themselves.

If you use sealer, be very careful to minimize the amount so it doesn't ooze out inside the case, or cover up any oil passages. These motors are pretty simple but depend entirely on splash lubrication from a low pressure pump, and every hole is important.


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