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Hi All! Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be gone from tomorrow, 9/27, until Wednesday, 10/7. I'm going to be at the BMW RA rally in Harrison, AR. With any luck, I'll be representing the VBMWMO at the Vintage Display there.

Anyway, it's a long drive from Santa Cruz, CA, and I will probably not be looking in on the forum a lot while I'm away. If you're waiting for a response from the webmaster, it may take a bit longer than usual - but I will get to any issues eventually.

If you're going to the BMW RA Thrills in the Hills Rally, you'll find me either at the Registration area or the Vintage Display (or, maybe even, out for a ride in the Ozarks - what a concept!), so don't be afraid to walk up and say hello!


VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

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Safe Travels. Have fun.

Safe Travels. Have fun.


mike wex/stagewex
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Have fun! Looks like you've

Have fun! Looks like you've got some pretty ideal weather for AR this time of year. We'll try and hold down the fort!!


Kurt in S.A.
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