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The paint on my new-to-me 1973 R75/5 is "almost" perfect. This is my 17-year barn-find that I'm spiffing up.

The PO mounted a Wixom fairing and some handle bar rearsets or pull-backs. Anyway, the rear-sets have left 3 1/8" gouges in the paint. The fairing bottom also put a small 1/8" ding near the front bottom left corner of the black pinstripe.

I've cleaned and put an initial paint drop in the gouges to keep any rust at bay. But I need to finish the build up and sand/compound with matched paint to do a final repair.

Does anyone make the a close factory Feather White paint (its an off-white, slightly cream-colored)? A new BMW acquaintance mentioned some BMW dealer/mechanic in St. Louis that makes touchups, but I forgot the name. Anybody know? I know I could spend the time doing the matching myself, but it since my paint has been in the dark for 17 years and it was always garaged, there appears to be no fading.

I've got lots of paint/repair experience, so I want to do this myself.

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Stu, I have a 1965 R50/2 that

I have a 1965 R50/2 that is painted a "dover white". It is a cream color. I don't know if this is the same color as you describe, but I've also wanted to touch-up some scratches. So, I took the bike to a local KOI shop in the area and they color-matched the paint with a color-match camera.
From there they mixed up a small bottle of paint, that has a small brush attached to the lid of the bottle. Sometimes I use that brush and sometimes I use any other kind of way to apply the touch-up paint.

So, the camera color-match up process seemed to work well so far. Good luck!

I looked at the date of your post and am wondering if you've already solved your quest by now...


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