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Is there someplace to get a starter relay for the '71 R/75 or does one have to monitor eBay for one to show up? My bike was starting fine and then it would just click the starter relay. I would jump the bike and it would fire right up. Thus I thought it was the battery. Eighty dollars later and a new battery same problem. Any ideas? Thanks for any responses. Oh, and the snowbum cricket mod had already been done to the starter relay.

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Have you confirmed there's no

Have you confirmed there's no corrosion with the connector for the starter relay? Unplug and replug it a few times...see if that will help.

As for buying another one, there's of course the dealers or places like Motorrad Elektrik or Euromotoelectric.


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good morning as starter

good morning

as starter Relais in my r90/6, i`m using a starter Relais from the k100 or k75 models.

These Relais are bosch products and are used as well as diesel pre heating Relais.

they should fit in the r75/5 Frame too. with the /6 Frame it has the same Drilling distance. no modifications necessary.

i`ve modified the cable connectors with M5 ring cable Fittings instead of the 6,3 mm plug connectors.

never had any Problems since 10 years.

but you can use any pre heating Relais, a Little improvement to fix These on the Frame.

this is better than buying another old starter Relais.

regards, at the Moment from North italy


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Fixed it

Found an original on eBay but installed a new sealed Bosch from motor rad electric. She started right up. Thanks to all for the help. Lee

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