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Hey guys,

I'm currently selling my airhead and thought you folks might be interested. Below is the Craigslist ad; if anyone has any interest, just let know. Thanks!


For sale is a very clean 1971 BMW /5 with an R90S engine and 5-speed transmission. It was built to retain the classic good looks of the early airheads with upgrades in every important area. It's fast, handles wonderfully, and starts conversations everywhere I take it. The bike has dual-disc Brembo brakes in the front with stainless steel lines for greatly improved braking, progressive suspension front springs, San Jose BMW braced rear swing arm for high-speed stability, halogen headlight, Mikuni carbs, BMW euro sidecar bars, and brand new battery and fork oil; all other fluids changed, valves adjusted, and the spline lubed 2,000 miles ago.

It's my daily rider and I've taken it on multiple long weekend trips and it's never given me a problem. Starts every time, shifts smoothly, just as it should. Always professionally serviced.

Being a 40-year old bike, it's not perfect. The speedo, tach, and odometer stopped working last summer; Rick at Overseas Speedometer quoted me at $275 to have it fixed. Odometer read 22,000 when it stopped (about another 2,000 have been put on it since), though I believe the engine to have much less. It also may need cylinder base gaskets (they go for about $10). Paint, while very nice (the tank, fenders, and side covers were repainted about a year ago), isn't perfect on the frame, which shows a few minor chips.

You can see larger photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/123839186@N05/

You can see video of it being started and running at https://youtu.be/ypPr8Knfbdw

I hate to see it go, but at 5'8" and 130 lbs, I've come to the conclusion that it's just a bit too much bike for me. Clean title in my name and ready to be transferred. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

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You said it was a R90S i don't see the badging that would confirm ? are you sure what is vin Number?

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A bit confusing, but I must

A bit confusing, but I must admit - awesome bike!


J.J.Harper from domyhomework4me

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I must say that was a brilliant model at that time and I have a plan to purchase this one because my friend bought the same model of CUSTOM BMW MOTORCYCLE 1971 and it is an amazing.

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Not R90S

Nothing about the bike appears to be R90S.

- Cylinders are not black
- Carbs are flat slide, not round slide Dell Ortos
- Front cover is /5
- Top cover is later
- Forks are later w/Brembo brakes



67 R50/2 w/R100 engine/trans and Ural Sidecar
69 R60/2 76 R90S 78 R100RS
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