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I bought one of the Cycleworks engine stand faceplates and made a simple mod to it so that it would fit my VW/Porsche engine stand.

The two holes that need to be drilled are 8.5" center to center, and they are 2" from each side and ⅞" from the bottom. Photos are self-explanatory.

The roll-around engine stand is similar to the Harbor Freight stands, and the VW/Porsche fixture that fits it was purchased on ebay


It is also available in a 2-arm version which is cheaper and includes a bench mount:


I haven't tried mounting my /2 engine on it yet (it is still in the bike). If the bolt heads are in the way I'll substitute flat head screws.

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looking good

nice design -

looks like it should work really well.

Lets hope you don't NEED to use it anytime soon.



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