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I don't know whether it was 22 years of aging, UV, or our sub-zero F cold weather this past winter, but the "Touring cases" on my '84RT came out of winter storage with cracks in the outer halves near the bag latches that are big enough and long enough to toast their water-tightness. I'd like to keep stuff dry without resorting to packing into Ziplock bags, and a line of J-B Weld may work, but seems a little low-brow for a long-term fix, so I'm inclined to replace the bags, or the parts needed to bring them back to dryness. Max's parts diagrams show that the cracked outer halves ("covers" in BMW parts-speak) remain available ($115 each), but my regional dealer says that when they've ordered them for an earlier customer, the "covers" didn't actually fit his old "touring cases", and they ended up ordering a whole set of complete cases, instead ($500+). Any similar experiences out there? My bags are the "2nd-generation" touring cases with the cylindrical locks, rather than the little, flat locks of the "1st-gen" touring cases, if that makes any difference on how the currently-available "covers" fit.

Alternatively, any thoughts on/experiences with Hepco & Becker's 30 or 40 liter "Junior" hard bags? If I have to go the replacement route, are these a better alternative to the OE "touring cases"? Thanks, in advance, for any insights.