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I Wonder if some can tell me what type of fender I shall Mount on my Project. I got 2 pc. R-12 With the number P-4768 and 24295.
Can somebody tell me som history about this number?
Do the engine number match than they leave the factory?



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Lots of basic info at our

Lots of basic info at our model page here: http://www.vintagebmw.org/v7/model/r12

You'll also find some serial number info there. The earlier R12s generally did not have matching numbers. The ones produced for the Wehrmacht in 1940 and 1941 came from the factory with matching numbers. Your frame number is relatively early, but your engine number is right at the end of the first R12s.

I would guess that the motor did not come from the factory with the frame, but the only way to really know is to send an email to BMW Group Classic and ask them to look up these numbers. If they have the information in their records, they will gladly tell you about when each was made and where they were delivered.

Your frame might be early enough to warrant putting the "art deco" fenders on it and the cast aluminum headlight "ears".


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