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From an email to the slash2 list on Sunday, 2/1/15:


I wanted to let you guys know that Peter Gibbs Passed this morning.

Sorry to deliver the bad news, and for the possible dual post.
If he was working on anything for you guys, please let me know I and will see if I can find it.


Caleb Gibbs

I thought you might want to know. Peter was user bmwmyplace (gibbsp@bigpond.net.au) here. He was always helpful, inquisitive and friendly, in my experience.


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Peter came to visit me in

Peter came to visit me in Alabama around 2002 when I was restoring a 41 R12. Super nice guy. This is a shock!



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Peter Gibbs a true enthusiast to the BMW Marque.

I had known Peter for a long time, going back to when I restored my R51. He was always helpful, very knowledgeable and will be sadly missed by the very small pre war BMW Motorcycle fraternity here in Australia.
The wealth of knowledge he had on the subject is lost for ever unfortunately and here it is such a rare subject.

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