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Most guys I've seen in the garage with their old air heads up on a "table" lift support their bike under the oil pan when removing tires etc.

I was wondering if there's any risk in doing that or if the engine mounts/oil pan etc are up for that?

I've also seen constructions like http://www.flickr.com/photos/kstoo/3660731499/in/set-72157620566275114 were you build various things to support the bike on the frame instead.

The previous is obviously easier, but in your opinion, is it "ok"?


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I've heard or seen lifts that

I've heard or seen lifts that support the bike using the oil pan. Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. Some other ideas for homemade:




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Center Stand

If I'm just removing the wheels for a short period, like to replace a tire, I will just use the centerstand of the bike and one of the wheels. I will use a small jack just to make sure the bike does not tip toward the end without the wheel. It donesn't really hold very much weight. If I am replacing both tires, I have to make two trips to the tire store. It happens so infrequently, I find it a minor annoyance.

I recently had to work on the back end of my R51/3 and the centerstand was actually in the way of the work I had to do. I held the front wheel with a wheel chock and a lift under the oil pan. Worked just fine. Very stable.

I am restoring a few bikes right now and I would love to have a real table lift. I've managed for many years without one. I'm getting to an age that I may just finally get one. Laying on my back in the garage is getting old.


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Put the bike on the centre

Put the bike on the centre stand, on top of a 2x8 board. It raises the bike enough that you can remove either tire.


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