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I know I should be shot, but my 1964 R60 has been sitting in storage since 1987 with some gas in the tank. The petcock is frozen closed, and I will have to cut the fuel lines to the carbs (they are crystalized) and take the tank off and dump out the old gas. Then what? Hot water and Simple Green? After the tank I need to work on the carbs. I've had an experience with the varnish that will not come off with parts cleaner and had to boil off the stuff. Best done carefully outside or you'll loose some brain cells, but I didn't do it to a carb, just the pickup screen from inside a old gas tank. Is there a good parts cleaner that will take off the varnish?


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Welcome! Spend some time

Welcome! Spend some time reading this webpage...lots of good info here...just try and deal with the font and colors!! Big Grin

Sorry...forgot the link - http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/fuelmiscl.htm


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When you say "parts cleaner",

When you say "parts cleaner", does that include specifically Carb Cleaner? Carb cleaner is the nastiest of the generally available cleaners (except maybe MEK). You can buy a gallon can of it with a dip bucket. Don't put anything plastic or rubber into it.


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Carb cleaning alternative

A better alternative to using nasty chemical dips for cleaning and restoring carbs is to have them first ultrasonically cleaned to break up varnish deep inside passageways, then have them Vapor Blasted, which will remove all the contaminates and restore the finish.

I can provide this service, contact me if interested
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