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Hello all!

For my '66 R50/2, had one old chromed steel wheel with bent rim straightened and trued by Buchannan. I have read that this cannot be done but they managed it. They did a great job for just over one hundred bucks or so. I did the wheel bearings (preload with shims, etc.) on that one and have finally gotten round to the rear wheel (tire change time). Having set the preload and acquired the late style rubber seals, my question: does one tap the metal retainer out of the brake drum side, install the same rubber seal as the threaded side, then tap the same metal retainer back into the brake drum side? I do not recall ordering a new metal retainer for the front.




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Inner bearing grease seal


The inner seal is still the old type (washer, felt & retainer cup) - carefully reassemble it and tap it into place.


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