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I'm dismantling a 1968 R60/2 and having trouble getting the front engine cover off. The cover won't clear the Earles fork cross member. This front cover has the late model bulge at the lower end of the cover and it butts into the Earles fork cross member. I have a tach drive below the cover and removed that as well. What am I missing?



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Is the Earles fork

Is the Earles fork cross-member flat or round? It should be flat, in which case you should not be having a problem removing the cover. On my R69S, I remove the horn just to get it out of the way, then turn the front wheel all the way left or right, and the cover comes right off. If your cross-member is round, it is from an earlier bike. They flattened that member when the bulge in the engine cover was introduced, specifically so that the front cover would be easy to remove.


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I second Jon's thoughts. In

I second Jon's thoughts. In addition it is sort of a tight space and fit. It takes me a little jiggling to pull it off and to reinstall. Pull it out just a little then let it come straight down. As you pull the cover straight down jiggle it around some and you should find the spot where it will come out. Unless of course there are some othe odd things going on. But I bet you will get it.

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Key point...turn the wheel to

Key point...turn the wheel to one side...plenty of room to remove the cover.


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Disconnect the battery before

Disconnect the battery before anything else.

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