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Has anyone ever been to this show? im thinking of going to pickup a project bike and to just walk around. Its 4 hours away from me so im just curious to know if its worth the drive.

Ill be going from NY/LI if anyone wants a ride.


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I've been to it in the past.

I've been to it in the past. I guess it's still the largest show in the general area but I found most items are not a real bargain price wise. You will find odd ball things but if you are looking for a project bike I think you are better off on Craigslist. Everyone that seems to set up a booth keeps their prices high and price drops only seem to happen late in the show which means you have to hang around just about all day, first to scout out what you want then wait for prices to fall (if they even do). Yeah, I'll go again this year, why I'm not sure.

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type of show?

Is this show mostly Harley/biker type stuff? Or is it more like the york swap meet that has more of a assortment of brands.
You know stuff made in the rest of the world. British/Spanish/German etc.


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