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I purchased this nice restored R-11 and imported it from Italy. It has won a 96 out of 100 in The AMCA show in points. I really have too many vehicles, 4 sport cars, 4 bikes. I am think of taking it to Barber for the antique meet and placing it for sale.
Some people have expressed an interest in this R-11

Starts easily and drive fine. Any one have an Idea what its worth?? for more info

or call me 570 815 6294

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Martin Fscher Scranton, Pa and Daytona, Fl. 570 8156294
R11/3, R60/2, R1200RT, MGTD, Tr4, Tr6, Porscher912

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Wow! That is gorgeous. Keep

Wow! That is gorgeous. Keep it and sell something else.


Barry Brown

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very nice bike, did you put

very nice bike, did you put it up for sale yet?


Gotta Luv Beemers

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Hi Martin, Do you have the

Hi Martin,

Do you have the R11 still for sale?

Thank you,



Marc Beyer, Owner
OCD Custom Cycles & Repair LLC.

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