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Is that R11?

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Unless it's a '34, series 5

Unless it's a '34, series 5 motor, it's a R12. You can tell from the eyelet-style mount for the magneto strap.

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Man, is that an ugly, dirty

Man, is that an ugly, dirty looking motor.

Barry's right about the magneto strap, but the cylinder is an R11 cylinder (they are interchangeable, though). Look at the trailing ledge behind the valve port cover, it's drilled and tapped to take the shift lever guide that is only needed on (the right hand side of) an R11.

Someone has monkeyed with the voltage regulator cover on the mag. It looks like it's a cover for an earlier, gear drive, left spin magneto, with the two set screws on the right side, but a hole was drilled on the left to move the connections over for a chain drive, right spin magneto.


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