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The 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball is an event where 105 riders, all on motorcycles built before 1937 will spend 17 days riding across the USA. Follow my blog as I ride my 1928 R52.

Photo © Ian Schmeisser

The 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball is about to start. It runs from Daytona Beach, FL 3938 miles to Tacoma, WA. Friday, September 5th we will leave from the beach and begin our 17 day journey. 105 entrants are here, all on bikes built in 1936 or earlier.

This year there will be 7 BMWs among those 105. My entry will again be #52, which matches the model of my 1928 BMW R52.

I will be writing some blog posts here, but my friend Samantha will be doing most of the blogging. Last time I found it difficult to put up posts while the eent was going on, and this should allow us to get the news out in a more timely way.



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Darryl, looking forward to following the race. Good luck to you and all the other riders. Just don't lean to far in the turns

Welcome to Daytona

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Great to see you're all in Daytona and made it through the inspection. Fingers and toes crossed here over the pond!

All the way this time!

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I wish you the best of luck on this journey. You have a good team behind you and plenty of enjoyable roads and memorable days ahead of you.

George Nyktas
President, BMW Riders Association & Treasurer, Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners

On your mark!

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Get set and GO!!!!
See you in a few.



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All those years in sunny Puget Sound will pay big dividens today.
Hejjy Hansen and RainX rule.


2014 Cannonball

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I wish you nothing but the best in this year's cannonball coast to coast event. I hope the engine refining and rebuilding on the R52 holds up well over the almost 4,000 miles and beyond. Someday I hope to join you and the rest of the adventurous and hardy riders, but I have to locate the proper machine first.

All the best,
Todd Trumbore

standings website

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Second go- Great Luck and ride safely!

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Have you diagnosed and solved the engine problems that plagued you in the previous Cannonball? If I remember the R52 wanted to shed one of its heads and head gaskets were a daily maintenance item. What has transpired?
Enjoy the ride.

Great chatting with you in Colorado Springs.

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I was the guy with the beard and the Kawasaki H2 750 T-shirt (the guy from San Mateo). I've put together a small youtube of the Colorado Springs vids I took. It's still processing but you should find it at http://youtu.be/g2Py2Eva9a0.
Safe Journey and best of luck.
Cheers, bb


Keep up the good work.

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Glad to see you doing so well. Keep up the good work.
I will see you on Thursday.


All the way, Darryl

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Very pleased to see you back in the Cannonball and running -as of this post- top 5 in Class I. Crunch n' Mongo are pulling for you.

You cant keep a good man or BMW down.

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I am sorry to see the bit of bad luck comming to Idaho.
All the bikes looked great.
You are back in there and doing very well..
It was amazing to see all the bikes and riders and to know that they were still capable of such heroic effort.

See you next time!

Stan Weikal

Would be good to hear follow up on motorbike trip

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I heard about some tough luck in Idaho, but other than that it would be good to hear some reflection on the trip. That 1928 bike is a piece of history and we would all do well to be doing as good as that after what- 86 years? Good, bad, ugly or otherwise, all the best on your future trips and thanks for sharing.


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Nice Custom

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I'll your website I'am a BMW Painter from France and It's amazing to show that..

Magic Peinture

request a help for price bmw RS 1 1941

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can you plase help me to know the indicative price for this moto BMW RS 1 1941


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Hello Darryl,

Gonna ride up from Columbus Ohio Tuesday to check out this great event in Bowling Green OH
. Hope to meet you up there.


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