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Let me first introduce myself. I am Samantha Lucas and have known Darryl since 1997. I am an avid motorcyclist and have ridden all over the world, America, Europe, and India. Unfortunately I don't own a vintage bike so I am blessed to live vicariously through Darryl, his vintage exploits and Team #52. I plan to follow the team in spirit this year as I couldn't go along physically, so I will help to update and maintain this blog for Darryl and the team. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on what developments are happening as each leg is completed.

Here we go...

Welcome to the Motorcycle Cannonball 2014, Team boxer Rebellion returns! It has been a long and full 2 years preparing for this year's Cannonball. We within Team Boxer Rebellion are extremely excited to be participating again in this amazing event. We start the race in Datona Beach, FL this coming Friday, September 5th. Whew! It has been a whirlwind. We are now all in Daytona completing the final preparations for the race. The race ends in Tacoma, Washington on September 21st. A whopping 3928 miles across our great USA.

The race this year has 107 participants and 7 BMW's. here is the list of BMW bikes participating;

#8 ......Joe Gimpel from Daytona Beach riding a 1928 BMW R52 again this
#20 ....Denis Sharon on a 1936 R12.
#23 ...Team HMS (Historic Motorcycle Society) based in Jax, FL, again ridden
by Norm Nelson. Bike owned by collector Jack Wells.
#52 ...Darryl Richman from Santa Cruz returns on his 1928 R52.
#53 ...John Landstrom from Atlanta and owner of Blue Moon BMW will be riding
a 1928 R62 .
#62 ...Scott Blaylock will be riding another 1928 R62.
#63 ...Alabama's Eric Bahl will be riding a 1929 R63.
Exciting that the field has more then doubled for BMW's from 2012.

After healing up after the last race Darryl set to healing the 1928 BMW R52. It was completely apart, in pieces, on the garage floor a few short months ago. After a few trips to Germany over the last 2 years in search of parts and getting some of the damaged parts repaired, rebuilt or replaced Darryl has reassembled the whole bike with only a month to spare for the necessary break in rides. Whew, again! Task master Darryl is at work again for this year's race.

The team: Darryl Richman from Santa Cruz, CA, our fearless leader. Steve Woodward from Oregon returns for his 2nd Cannonball as crew for Team Boxer Rebellion. So does Don Cameron from New Mexico who serves as a much valued crew member. We also welcome our new team member Brent Hanson to the team this year who will travel and consult as the head mechanic.

Darryl and Brent set out from Santa Cruz last week with the bike, headed to New Mexico where they picked up Don and the trailer that Don has outfitted so nicely for the race. See some of the photos below. They then drove the on together to Daytona, FL for the last few days of prep and the start of the race on Friday. Steve arrives today in Florida to get to work.


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