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Greetings fellow vintage bikers,

I haven't been very active in the hobby for the last decade or so and I'm pairing down my collection a bit. I have a few original items I was hoping the group could help me assign values to.

Original Enduro teardrop bags
I believe they are the AA (earlier) model and are complete and in great shape with all mounting hardware except for:

One of four "twist and push to lock" wing nut fasteners is missing
One ball chain has broken off from the lid mount
The is no weatherstripping present (was there any originally?)
There is a repaired crack on the back of one bag and a small crack near the edge of another

Original /2 fairing made by the Replica Exhaust Company
I purchased it from Tom Bridgers about 15 years ago. He described it as the rarest of rare fairings made for the early BMW /2. Its hand hammered steel and has original paint and pin striping

Original Albert headlight mirror

Some pics for reference -