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With my R-69S- attended the recent RA vintage portion at barbers Motorsport-parked next to me was a 1967 R-60.
Both my R-69S and his R-60 had similar symptoms.
Vech and John Landstrom were under the tent-Vech examined my bike and pronounced the
same verdict. The segment gear with a worn or broken tooth. This gear also has a spring that must be fitted carefully upon disassembly or reassembly.

If there are readers who could explain this ailment, I would appreciate the full explanation of a worn or more likely broken tooth on the kick start or segment gear-and the full process to fix this ailment. I am digging in to my BMW manuals to determine-as likely-that the same gearing is used in most of the /2 cycles.

Thanks in advance.


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Check Duane's page...he has

Check Duane's page...he has pictures of broken teeth on the sector gear...that's what he calls it.



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Just remember never to just

Just remember never to just put your foot on the kick start and just start kicking away! I ALWAYS push it down with my foot SLOWLY at first and sometimes you will notice it will "lock up" at the top,and the lever will not depress,it is not engaging properly,so you have to release the lever and let it try to catch the gear properly first,before applying any pressure. I usually do a slow kickstart to help suck in the mixture,release the lever then kick hard. ALWAYS make sure the lever can travel downwards before applying full pressure or things can and will break in there! Whenthe gear/spring wears it will tend to "lock up" at the point of engagement more often. You can still use the bike if you use this technique I outlined.


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