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Anyone going to this event. I will be there - camping. Arrving late Thursday.

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I will be there, leaving

I will be there, leaving tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time at the Vintage Display, but probably I will be spending a lot of time at the registration area.


VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

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Great vintage turn out. R32,R62(x2),R12(x2),R73,R75,R4,R66,R71 (x2). More pre-wars than post war !

postwar R50,50S,60,69S, 90S 100S(#1),75

A few more I'm sure.

Poor Darryl was working the desk most of the time.

Thanks to John Landstrom for helping organize the show and a nice vintage ride.

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Barber Motorsport RA

John Landstrom and Craig Vechorik along with individual owners brought some fine machines under the
vintage tent. John was taking photos and interviewing owners about the the history of individual BMW vintage bikes.Ted Smith from Conn.(Maine) had his nice pre-war bikes; including a 1928 R-62. It is for sale, and is listed at what recent R-68s have sold for-+ 20K more.

Vech adjusted the carbs on my 1962 R-69S, and kindly went over my bike-giving me an assessment and
suggestions for improvements. He is always ready to help with our motorcycles.
It was a GOOD rally-great motorcycles.


LTC R Marriott--1951 R-51/3
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1974 SS R 90 S

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