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This just sold on ebay.

R5 on ebay

Pic's look correct but according to the serial # search the engine and frame numbers don't correlate to R5 or for that matter, to any BMW motorcycle.
Engine #196684, Frame #224420.
Any ideas?

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Was for sale on craigslist

Was for sale on craigslist for $30k
Internet bmw site for $40k
Titled as rebuild/reconstructed

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The serial numbers indicated

The serial numbers indicated on the heads are for an R51.

Some discussion on the slash2 Yahoo! mailing list indicated that the frame is pieced. R5/R6 rear and a post war plunger frame and forks up front. I can't see the frame welding from the photos. The final drive is "customized" from something else to fit -- maybe a CJ, you can see the plunger casting has been cut off and ground away. (Why is there an oil filler in the cover as well as the final drive case??) The transmission is Russian or Chinese. (Why doesn't the air filter sit down in the casting correctly?) The kneepads on the tank are M72 and the the headlight shell is from something different.

I wonder if there are really $15,000 worth of usable parts there.


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Darryl could not have said it

Darryl could not have said it any better, it was a pure hunk of junk. I guess that person whom purchased the bike will soon learn he got burned.


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